Suspicious Business Trips?
Is your husband or wife in Florida on business and you are concerned what may be going on after hours? Are they where they say they are? Are they going back to the hotel room alone? These are common concerns if your partner travels a lot. If things do not add up in your mind, let us at Bradley P.I. do the dirty work and covertly check up on them.

We know the local landscape, and will get the facts on a suspected cheater in FL. We will send a trained agent out to conduct surveillance and to put your mind at ease.

Advanced Surveillance Techniques
We employ the latest in GPS tracking technology in our surveillance investigations. Worried about that internet date, or new babysitter? Strange noises or behavior from the neighbors? When in doubt, check them out.

Whether you are a private individual or a corporation, we have a GPS solution for you. We also assist other private detective agencies. Bradley P.I. uses the most advanced in GPS Technology to track someone up to one foot away. This is done in real times position tracking over the internet. Call for a quote.

We are experts at finding missing persons, locating adoptive parents, long lost relatives, friends, classmates or witnesses. We have successfully located many persons for both private clients and law enforcement or court officers.

Cell Phone Recovery System
Let us at Bradley P.I. help recover any lost or deleted phone numbers or text messages in your cell phone, mobile phone, blackberry, or other device. We all know that our phones are our lifelines, and always tell a story. Your deleted phone records could have could have the answers to your investigation or your case related issues. Please call for more details.

Our experience and skills encompass the widest range of investigative methods. We pride ourselves in using the "old fashioned" private eye techniques of hard work, relentless perseverance, and shoe leather when that is the best way to solve a problem. But we also use every modern advantage, such as DNA testing and computer forensic investigations. The answer is always "whatever it takes" to solve your problem.

We do extensive investigative support for Florida defense lawyers and have testified in court countless times.

We can do complete asset searches, as well as background checks that look for criminal records, marriage records, bankruptcies, and a host of other things that you are entitled to know about.

We gather intelligence and provide surveillance of all kinds. We're now doing home surveillance setups and "nanny cams".

We have extensive expertise at all security services, including bodyguard services and employee terminations.

We are also available as consultants for threat assessment, disaster planning, homeland security/anti-terrorism preparation and travel security consultation.

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